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Garden Sculptures

Art can beautify your gardens. The artistic message has the ability to transcend barriers of age, language, and social status. Iconic sculptures can add character and uniqueness to your gardens. Artwork can elevate your spaces easier than just about any other addition can.

backwards glance

Backward’s Glance
49″ H, 33″ W, 17″ D

backyard discovery

Backyard Discovery
38″ H, 30″ W, 18″ D

birthday girl

Birthday Girl
48″ H

Brother's Hand

Brother’s Hand
84″ H, 24″ W, 30″ D


52″ H, 20″ W, 24″ D

55″ H, 32″ W, 20″ D

Close to Heaven
25″ H, 13.5″ W, 8.5″ D

60″ H

Emma’s Garden
34″ H, 16″ W, 24″ D

Down the Fairway
75″ H, 53″ W, 25″ D

Giant Steps

Giant Steps
96″ H, 38″ W, 30″ D

Grandma’s Pool
46″ H, 49″ W, 31″ D

Growing Together

Growing Together
53″ H, 30″ W, 31″ D


45″ H, 22″ W, 18″ D

Heading Out

Heading Out
33″ H, 25″ W, 12″ D

Joe's Leaf Boat

Joe’s Leaf Boat
39″ H, 24″ W, 20″ D

Leap Frop

Leap Frog
Multiple Sizes

Look and see

Look and See
66″ H, 34″ W, 22″ D

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect
60” H, 29″ W, 36″ D

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings
76″ H, 49″ W, 40″ D

Second star to the right

Second Star to the Right
29.5″ H, 8.5″ W, 16″ D

Setting Sail
51″ H, 32″ W, 37″ D


Life Size

Time To Save the World
56″ H, 22″ W, 24″ D

Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns
Multiple Sizes


Running to the pool

Running to the pool

The Mariner
30″ H, 24″ W, 31.5″ D

Spring Daisies

Spring Daisies

Staring Contest
25″ H, 30″ W, 19″ W

Commission Your Own Statue

Work with us to create your own bronze statue!

For those interested in a special commission there is no cost or commitment to meet and discuss possibilities. The ideas of the patron can be specific or loose; either way, our artists can collaborate together with you. Talk to our Aquabella Team to start the process of a special commission.