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Limited Product Warranty

Aquabella Tile guarantees its products will meet or exceed the performance specifications outlined in the most current version of Aquabella Tile’s Test Results Chart.


In the event of latent defects caused by improper manufacturing, the company will replace any defective units FOB its warehouses (installation not included), provided the company is notified within one year of installation or within 18 months of shipment of product, whichever occurs first.

In all cases, specific installation details, structural design and environmental conditions are beyond the control of the company. Aquabella Tile cannot accept responsibility for the performance of its products where improper installation, design or environmental conditions exist.

Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose

Aquabella Tile limits the duration of the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose to one-year or the maximum statutory period prescribed by law, whichever is less. Failure to comply with recommended applications voids this warranty.

To the maximum extent allowable by federal and state law, this warranty supplements or supersedes federal and state consumer goods warranty protections.


Natural stone products are mined and cut from natural formations. Because these products are not subject to a manufacturing process Aquabella Tile does not warrant natural stone products for shade, size, thickness, warping, cleft variations, surface finish variations, or other natural variances.

Any misuse of the product, including physical or chemical abuse or negligence is not covered by this warranty. Any defect, visual or otherwise, that is apparent prior to installation is not covered by this warranty.

In no event shall Aquabella Tile’s liability on any claim made by anyone exceed the purchase price paid for the product by said customer in respect to the Aquabella Tile materials on which damages are being claimed.